Friday, December 04, 2015

In St. Louis, a 19-year-old named Bud Weisser was arrested for trespassing in the Budweiser brewery. And you don’t want to know where they found a guy named Max E. Pad . 

British actress, Dawn French, said her beauty secret is a jar of Nivea cream applied with a muslin cloth. Upon hearing this, Ben Affleck was furious she always targeted a muslin cloth. What is wrong with gauze or linen? Why pick on the muslin? 

Since you asked:

Anyone who does not understand Donald Trump’s continued top position in the polls has horribly underestimated how sick and tired people are of political correctness. For better or for worse, Trump has tapped into that vein and he is sucking like a fat kid on a milkshake.

For comedians, political correctness is serious boner-killer. However, the last comedian who spoke out against political correctness, Jerry Seinfeld, was vilified in the press as a racist, a sexist, a fascist and any other “ist" you can think to throw on the back of something. Some wanted to call him anti-Semitic, but then they remembered he is Jewish. 

How absurdly politically correct have we become? At the Golden Globes, there was serious protests of racist Asian slandering when Margaret Cho impersonated a North Korean guard. And Cho is Korean.  

Let me reiterate that: a Korean imitated a Korean and everyone got a poopy diaper. 

As much as I believe anything that kills freedom of speech, creativity and comedy is awful, whenever I read an editorial praising the elimination of political correctness, it almost invariably starts to slide down a slippery slope of anger, bigotry and hatred.  

But somehow Donald Trump’s keeps steering his boat through that P.C. minefield like a nautical Mister Magoo. Bigotry? Sexism? Hatred? Taunting a physically disabled reporter? Trump’s boat just keeps going faster and faster with more followers jumping in. You have to believe he will blow up someday, but it hasn’t happened yet.

You want proof of how political correctness works? 

Grab a cameraman and a microphone and rush up to the average Joe on the street, stick the microphone in his face and say; 

“Water boarding terrorist prisoners at Gitmo. You find it repugnant, right?” 

Average Joe will cough, clear his throat, look down at his shoes, stuff his hands deep into his pockets, suddenly remember he is on camera and then say;

“Oh yes, absolutely.” 

But when Trump came out in favor of water boarding after the Paris attacks, you could almost see people giving themselves - and Trump  - mental high fives. His poll numbers shot up.

Eventually Trump's boat will hit a mine. And when he does, one of the real candidates will have to gently pick up the Not-P.C mantle. 

One of the other viable candidates for presidents - which Trump is not -  will have to learn to navigate around the waters of political correctness. That course will have to be charted carefully aiming for the still waters of common sense and candor instead of the choppy seas of insensitivity and Trump-like bullying and downright meanness.  

And that will not be easy.