Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Vladimir Putin said the two men suspected of poisoning the Russian double-agent in Britain do not work for Russia. "We totally believe that," said Russians who do not want to get poisoned.

"Fear," author Bob Woodward said Donald Trump cannot remember things one day later. Asked to comment, Trump said, "That makes me so furious, I want to . . . sorry, what were we talking about?"

According to a new poll, the best Mexican restaurant in the U.S. is Taco Bell. According to another poll, I will never listen to the results of a poll again.

Donald Trump gave a speech at the Congressional Medal of Honor ceremony. There was an extremely awkward moment when Trump clearly thought he would be receiving a Congressional Medal of Honor.

"So, when do I get it?"

"Get what, Sir?"

"You know."

"No, we don't." 

Followed by aides rushing up to Trump and whispering in his ear. Trump pouts and storms out. 

With hurricane Florence bearing down, I want to strongly recommend people near the coast of North Carolina, and in Winslow, Arizona evacuate. 

Winslow is not near the hurricane, but I spent the night there once and that town sucks. Get out now.

Since you asked:

Eric Trump is under fire for saying Bob Woodward, who is Jewish, wrote his book, "Fear," for "three extra shekels." (As you know, the shekel is the currency of Israel) 

This is shocking. Eric Trump knows what a shekel is? How is this even possible? He doesn't know anything.

Not for nothing, but as Trump scandals go, yes this makes Eric look like a schmuck, but it pales to other scandals paler than Eric is.

It would have been fine if Eric had been Jewish, or Woodward was not, but that is not the case. Three shekels is a slander at the stereotype of Jews being greedy and cheap.

Throw this on the massive dung heap that is now the lesser Trump scandals.