Thursday, July 05, 2018

Hope you all had a good Fourth of July. Or as Donald Trump calls the Fourth of July, "My birthday plus 20."

The Mueller FBI investigation, Stormy Daniels lawsuit, the charity fraud lawsuit, 14 sexual assault accusers, Kim Jong Un treaty breaking, Chinese and Canadian trade wars, Michael Cohen flipping.

It's no wonder Donald Trump only has time to start a Twitter war with Jimmy Fallon.

EPA head, Scott Pruitt resigned. Pruitt said it was an honor protecting the environment, then he got in his private jet fueled by fossilized snow-leopard bones and flew to his oil wells in Oklahoma.

EPA head Scott Pruitt resigned. He wants to spend more time with his business venture with DeVille making coats out of puppy Dalmatian fur.

Now that Scott Pruitt has resigned, Donald Trump has the hard job of replacing Pruitt with someone who dislikes the environment almost as much. His candidates include Godzilla and Lex Luthor.

Actor James Woods claims his liberal agent fired him because he is a Trump supporter. "Well that was stupid of the agent to do, James Woods is a hot, A-list actor," said the year 1990.

The man accused of covering up sexual harassment at "Fox News," Bill Shine, has been named the White House communications director. Shine will be working closely with Sarah Huckabee Sanders, so sexual harassment is not expected to be a problem.

As for his predecessor, Hope Hicks, Shine said, “Hope will be a hard ass to follow, err, I mean hard act to follow.” 

Since you asked:

It would seem the mystery of the sudden French infatuation (700 hits just yesterday) with my blog has been figured out one way or the other. There are two most logical explanations. 

The first one is somebody in France who is researching Charlie Manson got ahold of my 2009 piece “Welcome to the Hotel Charlie Manson” which ties Chuck and the incestuous world of drugs, sex and rock and roll in LA in 1967. 

Charlie Manson was many awful things, but a liar was not one of them. He was honest to his own detriment. So when Charlie admits to having sex with people, I believe him. And that included Jane Fonda - who has herself admitted it many times - and Candice Bergen and Sharon Tate and on and on. In the orgy-cocaine and acid scene of Laurel Canyon in 1967, Charlie, with the help of his girls and biker-supplied cocaine, was a regular.  

And someone in France is reading it over and over again.

Or, more likely, my blog was linked to a live sex chat room called “Camp Paradise” that is frequented by French folks. (We do not judge here at a.L.b.b.)