Thursday, January 04, 2018

We throw down O.S. to the O.G., Torn Slatterns and Nugget Ranchers 

An English chef, Laura Goodman, has received death threats after she spiked a Vegan’s food with meat. So Vegans are OK with murdering people, just not eating animals? 

A book, "Fire and Fury," claims Donald Trump told Hope Hicks she was, “The finest piece of tail Corey Lewandowski ever had.”  Not exactly, “Give me liberty or give me death,” is it? 

Today is the fourth day of legal marijuana in California. In Hollywood, the only woman who was harassed was Little Debby for her snack cakes. 

One of the claims of the new Donald Trump book, “Fury and Fire,” is that Trump eats McDonalds to keep from being poisoned. That’s like using horse poop for a deodorant.

Michele Bachmann is asking god if she should run for the Senate. Remember the song “Bette Davis Eyes”? Michelle has Charlie Manson eyes. 

Scientists have developed an algorithm that detects sarcasm. And it is not true Eric Trump thinks algorithm is the disease that causes white people to dance badly.

We tried to ask Steve Bannon to comment about his accusation against Donald Trump Jr., but we were told he was taking his daily beauty nap. 

As of today, marijuana is legal in California. That is great news because the drivers in L.A. were not distracted enough by their cell phones and automatic weapons.