Tuesday, January 02, 2018

As of the first of the year, marijuana is legal in California. As of the first of the year, riot police have had to been called in to bring order at In-N-Out Burgers.

As of today, marijuana is legal in California. That is great news because the drivers in L.A. were not distracted enough by their cell phones and automatic weapons.

If you watched the college bowl games, you heard the announcer’s new catch-term, “True Freshman.”  A True Freshman is a regular freshman who only cheats enough on exams to stay eligible for football.

An English chef is in trouble for bragging on Facebook about sneaking a Vegan a meat dish. What is even worse? She fed them English food. 

Alabama will play Georgia for the National Championship and is favored by 5 points. Roy Moore is going to bet big on Alabama. And guess what? His bookie is a Jew.  

Kim Jong Un threatened us the North Korean Nuclear Bomb Button is on his desk. Kim Jong Un can reach reach the button thanks to his North Korean booster seat.

Scientists have developed an algorithm that detects sarcasm. To which Eric Trump said, "Those are some huge bigly words."

As of today, smoking marijuana is legal here in California. In addition, as of today, smoking weed is now legal in California.

Lots of guys got Harvey Weinsteined on New Year's Eve. Harvey Weinsteined is when you're so drunk you think women are attracted to you no matter how fat and ugly you are.

Scentists invented an algorithm that can detect sarcasm.  The scientists then began work on an algorithm that can explain what an algorithm is to us dumb guys.

Lots of people suffering from a Kardashian Hangover. That is a hangover that flares up to remind you what a huge ass you made of yourself last night.

Scientists have made an algorithm that can detect sarcasm. How would we manage to live without these brilliant scientists inventing things that are so useful?

Lots people suffering today from a Caitlyn Jenner Hangover. Just when you think it's gone away, it comes back to remind you how annoying it is.