Friday, December 15, 2017

Disney is buying Fox Studios, but is not interested in “Fox News.” “Fox News” is calling Disney’s purchase fake accrues. 

Facebook now has a sleeper button that allows you to put members on hold for 30 days. Using the Facebook sleeper button also automatically makes you eligible for the Passive Aggressive Hall of Fame.

The headline reads: “Carlos Santana signs with Philadelphia for $60 mil.” Which I thought sounds like a lot, but not if he gets Rob Thomas and plays “Smooth.” 

A construction site in Los Angeles discovered a fossil from the ice age. The ice age was known as the Quaternary Period or also the Larry Kingasoaic Period.

For Christmas in 2013, George Clooney gave his 14 best friends $1 mil. each. How awkward for his one friend who got George a Chia Pet? 

George Clooney once gave his 14 best friends $1 mil. each for Christmas. And for his 15th friend, George got him a “Guess You Should Have Picked Me For Baseball In 8th Grade” sweatshirt.

The guy in charge of investigating sexual misconduct in congress, Omar Ashmawy, has been accused by many women of sexual harassment. Congress cannot keep it in their pants when they’re looking for guys who cannot keep it in their pants.

The FCC voted down net neutrality. Hopefully this will not affect me much or Carl, the hamster that powers my wheel-modem.

A NASA scientist says earth is overdue for an asteroid hit that we will not survive. Finally some good news for Cleveland Browns fans.

The FCC voted down net neutrality which means we will soon be paying more for the internet. The FCC chairman is named Ajit Pai, which in Hindi means Smiling Douche-Bag.

The good news? You won the office Ugly Holiday Sweater contest. The bad news? You just wore your Cleveland Browns sweater.

Facebook now has a sleep button that allows you to put tiresome members on hold for 30 days. This is a godsend during the NCAA basketball tournament if you have Duke or Kentucky friends.

Since you asked:

Saw the "Hollywood Scandal" Charles Manson version and it was really good. They confirmed lightly what I claimed about Manson's deep '68 LA music scene connection. 

One thing that I had not noticed before is, while they said Neil Young was a big fan of Manson's, they did not mention he lived with them at the Spahn Ranch and wrote "Cowgirl in the Sand" and "Cinnamon Girl" in honor of two of the Manson women.

Oh, and here is another connection between Manson and the rock world I did not know.  Manson became friends of Phil Kaufman in Terminal Island prison. Kaufman, like Neil Young, was genuinely impressed by Manson's singing and song writing and referred Manson to a producer. Kaufman instructed Manson to have a clean and strong set to showcase to the producer, but Manson decided to wing it and the producer did not like it. 

Kaufman went on to manage the Flying Burrito Brothers and Graham Parsons. Kaufman was the guy who stole Parsons's body at the LA airport and burned it an Joshua Tree. 

Kaufman was almost a full-blown Manson family member. Kaufman said he slept with more mass murderers than anyone in Hollywood. Besides Neil Young.

But, what I had not noticed before is, after the Spahn Ranch, then the Mansons moved to Barker Ranch. Neil wrote in "Sugar Mountain," "Oh to live on Sugar Mountain, with the barkers and the colored balloons." Sugar mountain and colored balloons are cocaine and heroin references. 

Basically, Glenn Frey was a more polite and better networking version of Charles Manson. Charlie Manson was about to have a documentary made about him by star-maker, Terry Melcher, but Manson stomped a drunk stunt man half-to-death in front of Melcher at the Spahn Ranch scaring Melcher away forever.

Until Charlie Manson, fame in the US was a reward for talent. The only people famous were talented singers or movie stars. Charlie Manson became the first in the US for being famous for being evil. 

Fame should have died along with Sharon Tate on the awful hot August night in Los Angeles in 1969. But it did not. Fame got extended to the awful, like Charles Manson and OJ Simpson and the Kardashians and the Jenners and, well, the Kardashians. 

The Jenners and the Kardashians did not kill anyone, you say? Not true of Bruce Jenner in Malibu. And the rest of the Jenners and the Kardashians have killed a little thing in this country called shame, self respect and pride.