Thursday, October 19, 2017

The Cubs are down 3-1 to the Dodgers in the NLCS. Did you see the clip of Los Angeles Dodger, Yasiel Puig, sticking out his huge tongue during the game? Social media lit up with men saying it was inappropriate and women asking him for a date.

Since you asked:

Polls have been antiquated pieces of crap for a long time since a poll predicted Dewey would beat Truman in “The Chicago Tribune” in 1948. The people taking the polls can have an agenda and only ask people they think will go their way. 30% of the people lie when answering the poll. Polls have been dead wrong on elections for 20 years.

What isn’t wrong is Twitter. People on Twitter come fairly qualified. They have a cell phone or a computer and sort of know how to use them. And, like a voting booth that also does not lie, Twitter is private. People are not telling a pollster what they think they want to hear.

Was at a small party and a bunch of older folks in their 60’s spoke of Twitter is if it was a combination of black magic and rocket science. They were afraid of it. Fine. We don’t need those people on Twitter.

Go to Twitter and search Donald Trump. Running down the posts, rank them 1 for positive for Trump and 2 for very positive. And -1 for negative on Trump and -2 for extremely negative on Trump. 

You will not believe how fast the negative 2’s add up.  Twitter hates Donald Trump. According to polls, Trump’s approval rating is 34%. On Twitter it is negative 50%. 

Here is something that is important to keep in mind when we think about Russia and China: they hate us.

Just because Communism has softened in China and is dead in Russia, that does not mean they do not still see us as the enemy and want to vanquish us. 50 years of state-sanctioned propaganda is not going to go away with this or the next generations in China and Russia. 

Russia hated us and we hated the communists. Now that Russia is not communist anymore, we no longer hate them. But we are still the same and Russia still hates us.

Whether you consider yourself a kind-hearted liberal or a hard-boiled, pragmatic conservative, it is always good to know where you stand with your adversaries. And make no mistake about it, China and Russia are adversaries. They, especially Russia and Putin, genuinely wish us ill.  And we have to take that into consideration when we deal with them.

Here’s what I know, fellow Cub fans. They are playing in Wrigley Field and it is probably blowing out, as it has been. Wind blowing out at Wrigley is a huge mitigating factor against good pitching. And I know, I played in a band called the Mitigators, and they sucked. Except for the lead singer, Kelly, and the drummer, Tommy.