Sunday, October 15, 2017

Commenting on the Harvey Weinstein scandal, Woody Allen said, 

"You don’t want it to lead to a witch hunt. Unless the witch has a hot daughter you want to nail."

Commenting on the Harvey Weinstein scandal, Woody Allen said it was sad. Interesting, but I am going to wait and hear what 13-year-old girl sodomizer, Roman Polanski thinks.

How bad was the call against the New York Jets? The only thing worse that can happen to a jet is getting bought by Spirit Airlines.

The Chargers beat the Raiders, 17-16 in the "Red-Headed Step-Child" Bowl. As the score indicates, both teams tried to lose, but, sadly, there has to be a winner.

Since you asked:

For so many years, the funniest part of any Woody Allen movie has been the ludicrous over-qualifications of his romantic interest. 

Woody Allen weighed in on the Harvey Weinstein scandal calling it sad, which is like OJ Simpson weighing in on Ezekiel Elliott’s domestic abuse suspension. 

Woody once said Hollywood was worse than dog-eat-dog. It was dog doesn’t return other dog’s phone call. 

Now it is ugly, skinny little old dog licks the balls of a big, ugly male dog humping a little, pretty female dog that doesn’t want to be humped. 

To play woodwind instruments, you have to blow into them. How does Woody play the clarinet when he sucks so much?

So glad good is going to come out of this Harvey Weinstein fiasco. The evil Weinstein is graveyard dead if not possibly prison-bound, but probably not due to his Cosby-like money. (Money wins over crime again) The victims will hopefully get justice and harassment in Hollywood will have to lessen. 

Another side benefit is seeing that world-class tool, Ben Affleck, get PR thumped. The same douche-bag who angrily defended ISIS on Bill Maher’s "Real Time" HBO show. 

It is a poorly kept secret in Hollywood what a prick Ben Affleck is. Just look what he did to the wonderful Jennifer Garner. Rude to waiters, valets, movie crews and he tortures personal assistants. The usual Val Kilmer “I am making up for a small penis” crap.

Only a world-class ass-gasket, like Affleck, would accept and flaunt an Oscar for a screenplay, "Good Will Hunting," of which he did not write one word. Nary a word. Nary. (Love that word) 

Arguably the greatest screenwriter, William Goldman, in his tell-all “Which Lie Did I Tell?” said so. (That is until the studio lawyers jumped on top of Goldman's neck) Goldman said Damon and Affleck’s version "GWH" was nothing but car chases and explosions. 

Poorly written car chases and explosions. 

The studio fell in love with the story of two young stars writing a screenplay and paid Goldman out the wazoo to rewrite it and keep it a secret. (Make no mistake, Goldman is more than a bit of a crank, god bless his contrary Highland Park, Illinois ass) 

But Goldman made a good point: if they, Damon and Affleck, were such brilliant authors, what have they written since? 

Ben Affleck has to be getting medical treatment for muscle pulls for the speed in which he went from kissing Harvey Weinstein’s fat ass to tossing him under the bus. 

Thanks to the Weinstein splatter, most of Hollywood, for that matter, has more of a stiff neck than they get from the usual bobbing up and down. 

A huge factor in galvanizing the right in our last nightmarish presidential election was voters hatred of hypersensitivity - like demanding Al Michaels apologize on-air for a pretty funny joke. Clearly Al did not mean disrespect to Weinstein’s victims, but that did not stop a tidal wave of bitter complaints on Twitter. 

As a former democrat - now more moderate, but not republican - I feel qualified in saying the left has to lighten-up. Having a sense of humor does not make you a sexist, racist or Nazi.

Here come the Ruskies again:

Seriously, why is my blog so popular in Russia, and how have I figured out not to make a single dime off of that fact? 

Do I still have that wonderful follower in Brazil who loves my music stories but hates sports? She sent the nicest email. 

Four from France? I am honored. 

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