Friday, June 02, 2017

The New York Met mascot, Mr. Met, was caught flipping the bird to fan. Here we go. Next comes the positive steroid test, the DUI and then a tell-all book that exposes his fling with the San Diego Chicken.

Since you asked:

Kim Kardashian said of Caitlyn Jenner: 

“He started three families with three women and f***ed everyone over.”

Here is something I have never said before: Kim Kardashian is absolutely right. 

Yes, it is hip to applaud the bravery of a transgenders. But let’s look at what Bruce Jenner did. 

Imagine we live in Bizarro World where everything is opposite and the norm is for a man is to be married to another man. And to adopt children. Unfortunately that Bizarro World society, like ours, is not advanced enough to accept a former great athlete who is not in that type of “normal” relationship, so, to appear normal, a straight man lies to a gay man and marries him under false pretenses to create a normal facade to promote his Olympian image. 

Not only that, but he fakes it enough to have (adopt) two children. 

Well, obviously someone cannot live a lie that huge forever, so it doesn’t work out and they get a divorce. But, being a decent guy, he stays in touch with that family, even though it was a family he created out of, like I said, utterly false pretenses, right? 

No, he utterly abandons them. 

That is a horrible thing to do, not just to his former spouse, but to the two children. How can someone live with themselves after consciously treating his former family, that he created based out of a lie, so badly? Well, it would have to weigh on his conscience so much he would never, ever do something that awful again, right?

No. He does it, not once, but two more times. All for the sake of keeping appearances for his image as an All American jock for the soul purpose of shilling himself. 

Some call what Bruce Jenner did to transition to Caitlyn brave. For most transgenders, that is true. (I cannot imagine the courage it would take to do that) But in Caitlyn’s case, I think it was purely selfish. Just like everything else he ever did in his life.

Kim Kardashian was right, Caitlyn f***ed-over three women. Now I think you can include a fourth: Caitlyn.