Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Jordan Rodgers, younger brother of NFL-great, Aaron Rodgers, was picked by JoJo on “The Bachelorette.” Aaron and Jordan don’t speak. Just like how Jordan and JoJo will be in a year.

Sure, things are rosie now they are engaged in Tahiti, but let’s see after Jordan’s “Not a football player” checks stop coming in and she grows tired of the “Mrs. Jimmy Christ” title. 

Rumors abound of Donald Trump’s financial ties to Russia. When asked if Trump would disclose his Russian ties, Trump’s accountant said, “Nyet. I mean, not yet.” 

Eric Trump issued in insanely insensitive comment about his sister, Ivanka, inferring the victims of sexual harassment chose to let it happen. “Yeah,” said Bill Cosby

Is it just me, or does Eric Trump look like every coke-snorting Wall Street d-bag in every “80’s movie? 

Since you asked:

Donald Trump - who had five deferments during Vietnam and insulted POW John McCain for getting captured and who just finished insulting Gold Star parents the Khans - just accepted a Purple Heart from a Vet. 

At some point, Trump’s P.R. director has to feel like Sonny at the Causeway in the “The Godfather.”