Sunday, July 24, 2016

The RNC was a mild fiasco, now it looks like the DNC might be one too. Well, at least we have the Rio Olympics to look forward to. What? 

Eric Clapton’s guitar sold for $60,000 for a worthy medical cause. In a related story, one of Justin Bieber’s microphones was thrown away because it smelled funny. 

Prior to the DNC, the DNCom chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, resigned over leaked emails. For the DNC, that is one of the worst starts I have ever heard of that did not involve an iceberg. 

The International Olympic Committee ruled it will leave the ban of Russia up to each sport. When asked to elaborate, the IOC said, “Frankly, if we’re not getting a bribe, we don’t care.” 

The Australian Olympic team has decided not to stay in the Rio Olympic village for health reasons. To repeat, the one country where every living thing, except koalas, is trying to kill them, they think the Rio village is too dangerous. 

Since you asked:

(This is neither pro nor anti Hillary. It is about Trump)

Donald Trump is used to people treating him a certain way because of who he is. The problem is he is not who he says he is. Donald Trump plays a cartoon character of himself: Scrooge McDuck with orange-face. Donald Trump has no idea who or what the hell he is. 

Rich folks, like Trump, who expect people to kiss their ass because they’re rich, are in for a rude awakening in presidential politics. John F. Kennedy was a spoiled rich kid’s son until he got into the Navy. And as spoiled and as rich as Kennedy was, he was not prepared for how much people did not care how rich he was when he was president.

Martin Luther, King Jr., J. Edgar Hoover, Khrushchev and US Steel did not give a rat’s ass how rich John F. Kennedy was and they let him know it. The military did not care how rich John F. Kennedy was and they kicked his handsome, bony ass all over the White House during the Bay of Pigs. 

Donald Trump is a bully and a make-up-faced, silly, tiny-fingered buffoon who will get his ass kicked by real life tough people like Vladimir Putin and Angela Merkel. 

Although I am not a libertarian, Gary Johnson said it best: 

Donald Trump is a pussy.