Thursday, July 21, 2016

We are due to do the do to the do that we do, Torn Slatterns and Nugget Ranchers

Remember the Minn. dentist, Walter Palmer, who killed the beloved lion, Cecil, on safari? Palmer had his Florida boat stolen and crashed. So much for the good ship, “Boaty McDooshface.”

The San Diego Comic Con is underway. There are Trekkies, there are Star Wars fanatics, there are  Pokemon nuts. It’s a nice week of rest for the San Diego hookers.

First Melania Trump called for plagiarism, and now they say she does not have a college degree like she claims. All in all not a good week for the “Melania For A Pulitzer” campaign. 

Don’t think I have ever felt as sorry for a super model billionaire third wife as I do right now. 

Today is National Junk Food Day. We need a National Junk Food Day like Melania Trump needs a lesson on how to Google and cut and paste. 

Retired Yankee superstar, Derek Jeter, is on his honeymoon with super model, Hannah Davis. Not to gossip, but I hear it is going quite well. Derek is up to level 20 in Pokemon Go.

At the RNC, Ted Cruz got booed for not endorsing Donald Trump. Cruz’s decision not to endorse Trump backfired so much, Cruz is now saying he plagiarized it. 

That’s like giving a Best Man speech at a wedding on how how hot the Maid of Honor is.