Friday, July 22, 2016

An ex-Chipotle exec has been found guilty of seven counts of buying cocaine. This guy put the El Chapo in Chipotle. 

They suspected he may be high on coke when he showed no interest in food besides Chipotle. 

Out of football for domestic violence since 2014, Ray Rice wants to play in the NFL and will donate his salary to charity. Just wish he had not said he wants to take another whack at playing. 

Remember “Jon & Kate Plus 8”? The father, Jon Gosselin, now cooks at a Penn. TGI Fridays. It seems “The Jon Gosselin Money Management” DVD did not sell as well as hoped.

Asked to comment, his ex, Kate, said, “What a loser.” Then Kate said, “Welcome to Hooters.” 

First Melania Trump plagiarized a speech. Now Melania’s claim of graduating from college is not true. What’s next? Let’s just say it’s possible Melania is a Slovanian word for Caitlyn.