Sunday, February 21, 2016

Have you seen this picture of the rather large Boston Red Sox Pablo Sandoval at Spring Training? Looks like Sandoval spent the off season in Una Mas Burrito, Venezuela.  

Have you seen the picture of the nearly obese Boston Red Sox Pablo Sandoval at Spring Training? It looks like Pablo put on one pound for each million of the $95 million he signed for last year. 

Sandoval violated a clause in his contract. Namely, the “Do not turn into Santa Claus” clause. 

Bad news for the Boston bench coach. There is no more room on the bench. 

Pablo is so fat he is going to play third base and left field. And bat second and third. 

Jeb Bush has ended his candidacy for the republican nomination. Please clap. 

Former Dallas Cowboy running back, Joseph Randle, has been arrested for the 5th time in 17 months. It’s all part of the NFL’s alumni program: Ten Strikes and You’re Out. 

At a concert at the Forum in L.A. to introduce a band, Kris Jenner was booed off the stage. It was the worst reception anyone in her family has received since Kim Kardashian walked into a Mensa meeting by mistake.