Saturday, February 20, 2016

Dish Nation claims Charlie Sheen is considering buying the Playboy Mansion complete with resident Hugh Hefner. They are thinking of making a TV Show: “CSI: STD.” 

Since you asked:

This campaign remind me of a drunken wild west saloon shootout where everybody is just shooting everybody in the foot. In the end, the only one left standing will be Mister Magoo, Bernie Sanders. But nobody wants Mister Magoo to be president, so someone will have to ride on on a white horse. 

Will that white horse democrat be Joe Biden or Andrew Cuomo? Will the republican white horse be Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan? 

Not being a cat person due to deathly allergies, one of the things I have learned from being on Facebook is cat owners really do love their cats. A lot.  Like how us dog owners love our dogs.

Unlike dogs, still not sold on how much cats love their owners.