Tuesday, February 16, 2016

At a rally in Reno, Hillary Clinton barked to the crowd. In a surprise, Hillary’s speech finished third at the Westminster Dog Show. 

Sadly, Former UN Secretary, Boutros Boutros Ghali, passed at 93. No truth to the rumor he will be interned in Walla Walla, Washington. 

At a rally in Reno, Hillary Clinton barked like a dog. A proud Bill Clinton smirked; “Guess who taught her how to do that?” 
ESPN revealed NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell, made $34 mil. in 2014. Maybe he can lend money to Kanye West? 

 Roger Goodell, made $34 mil. in 2014 but most cheerleaders made minimum wage or nothing. Who do you think most fans would rather see at a game, Roger Goodell or cheerleaders? 

A British man ate at all 46 London McDonald's restaurants in a single day. Those Brits aren’t exactly breaking the Nazi’s Enigma code these days, are they?

Since you asked:

Just had a memory from the late ’80’s about this yuppie power couple who had the most expensive house, cars and clothes of anyone we knew. And at the end of every month, they were dead flat broke. Combing-the-couch-for-coins broke.

They would invite people out to dinner and then magically wander off when the check arrived. Or they had both forgotten their wallets. Again. They did this to me more times than I want to admit. 

One time, at the end of the month, they invited me over for a barbecue and, when I asked what I could bring, with a straight face they said: chicken, salad fixings, corn, baked beans, potato chips and beer. “Anything else?” I asked sarcastically. “Oh, yeah, we need charcoal for the barbecue.” 

They were absolutely furious when I never showed.

One year they talked his company into letting them have the company Christmas party at their beautiful hillside Encinitas (which they insisted was Rancho Santa Fe) ranch house. 

The company was a San Diego branch of a big time national financial company, so the Christmas budget for the party was huge. Great Gatsby huge. Everyone assumed it would be a lavishly catered six-course dinner party with a band.

When everyone showed up all dressed up, the yuppie power couple had generously displayed not one type of cracker, but two, Ritz and Saltine.  And not one choice of cheese, but two, slices of jack and cheddar cheese neatly presented on plastic treys. Oh, and a really fancy guacamole dip. With chips, no less. 

As for drinks, well, that was another story. They had enough cans of Lite beer in styrofoam coolers for everyone to have one or maybe even two rounds. There were even two expensive bottles of chilled chardonnay. She drank lots of chardonnay. In fact, she drank those two bottles.

The party was over in one hour. 

They used the vast bulk of the Christmas party money to stock their groceries and liquor cabinets. How do I know? They showed me when they invited me over for their three-couple dinner party on New Year's Eve. They weren't ashamed, in fact, they were proud.

The New Year's Eve dinner party was, of course, catered. 

Were these two power yuppies really that awful? You have to consider the era. Sure, they were both great looking. They could be charming when they wanted something. In their defense, they were not Hitler S.S. awful. 

However, I am almost certain nobody in Hitler's S.S. ever ripped off the Christmas party money from their co-workers.

They would have been shot.