Sunday, January 31, 2016

The San Diego Chargers are not going to Los Angeles in 2016. They were told at the audition that the director is going in another direction. 

The Oakland Raiders are thinking of moving to Las Vegas. NFL players in a city with 24-hour drinking, gambling, strippers and hookers. What could possibly go wrong?

In addition, they are looking into the towns of Sodom and Gomorrah. 

Amber Rose said she never loved Kanye West and that Wiz Khalifia was her true love. When asked specifically why she didn’t love Kanye, Amber said she couldn’t put her finger on it. 

On Twitter, Kanye West denied Amber Rose’s claim Kanye liked Amber to stick her fingers in his anus. What a marvelous golden age of communication we live in. 

On Twitter, Kanye West denied his ex, Amber Rose’s, claim that Kanye liked Amber to stick her fingers in his anus. How would you like to be Kanye’s publicist? “Kanye, we have some news that is a pain-in-the-ass. Shoot, sorry, I mean trouble.” 

At the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, the big topic was the lack of diversity in films. You know Hollywood has a diversity problem when there are more black people in a ski resort in Utah than there are in films. 

"A Delta Air Lines flight from Los Angeles to Minneapolis had to make an unscheduled landing in Salt Lake City because two female flight attendants got into a fistfight over “work issues” No word on if the airline also charged passengers a “catfight” fee."

- From the always hilarious Janice Hough. But don't laugh too much, it was potentially dangerous. The passengers were never properly taught how to buckle their seatbelts. 

Since you asked:

There were three indicators in 2015 that showed just how far gone our political correctness has over-corrected. 

The first was at the Golden Globes when comedian Margaret Cho’s impression of a North Korean guard was labeled racist. 

Cho is Korean. 

The second was that a white woman, Rachel Dolezal, lied about being black - thus stealing the top NAACP job for Spokane from a qualified African American - and then excused it because she said she identified as black. 

And people - including the press-  bought it. 

The third indicator political correctness has over-corrected:

Donald Trump.

Anyone who has a problem with Cam Newton’s celebrations is the one with the problem. Here is a poster of true NFL greatness and he is not afraid to show he is having the time of his life. Every game he makes three or four children’s year by giving them a football. 

Yes, I am for Peyton Manning in the Super Bowl, but I hope Cam has a great game too and shuts up his uptight critics for good. 

As only the great David Letterman could have said it when Cam Newton delivered a Top Ten list after winning the Heisman Trophy; 

“Look at that guy. If I looked like that guy I would tell everybody to kiss my ass.”