Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Eagles - Peaceful Easy Feeling - Live on BBC 1973

"Peaceful Easy Feeling" will always take me to the beach on a warm summer night in Grand Haven, Michigan with a bottle of Boones Farm Strawberry Hill and Becky Haskins when I discovered the wonders of bubblegum-flavored lip gloss and the front-clasped bra.

(Becky’s lip gloss and front-clasped bra. Not mine)

For me, the Eagles came along right after a Chicago winter that was like living in a black and white movie about a Russian gulag; the news was just as depressing with Vietnam, post-Watergate, crashing markets and gas lines. 

Suddenly, in the spring, came magical songs from California of peaceful easy feelings and taking it easy with witchy women and desperado tequila sunrises. And if I did not love those golden harmonies and ringing guitars enough, all the punk rock fans and East Coast music critics hated the Eagles making me love them even more. 

Thank you, Glenn Frey. We give you the best of our love. 

Supermodel Stephanie Seymour was charged with a DUI in Connecticut after she backed up her Land Rover and hit a Mercedes. This crime is so white it could be nominated for an Academy Award. 

Former Pittsburgh Steeler receiver, Antwaan Randle-El said he wishes he never played football because he is experiencing memory loss. When asked what he would have done instead, Randle-El said; “Instead of what?” 

They have invented a speaker that inserts into pregnant women’s vaginas so the unborn baby can hear music. So now a baby can hear the bands the Who or A-Ha while in the Hoo-Ha.