Monday, January 18, 2016

Bob Seger - Still The Same (live in San Diego '78)

This song is written about the late Glenn Frey. Cannot believe I am writing those words. My word. 

The recent passing of our best family friend and the illness of a close friend puts things in perspective. However . . . 

As a diehard Eagle fan, the news of Glenn Frey’s passing is tough. Everybody knows, without Glenn Frey, there would have been no Eagles. Period. That is a debt we will owe to Glenn Frey forever. 

In a lot of ways, growing up, the Eagles were my musical big brothers. They were as great for me as the Beatles, Stones and Led Zeppelin, but they seemed more accessible. More familiar. Suppose  it is because they looked like the cool kids in high school. 

Recently I was lucky enough to meet Glenn Frey's main musical collaborator, Jack Tempchin. (What a great guy) Got to tell him I fell in love to "Peaceful Easy Feeling" had my first heart-break to "Already Gone" played harmonica in public for the first time attempting to cover the saxophone solo on "The One You Love" and moved to New York and"You Belong to the City" became my theme.  

We then bro-hugged it out. 

The Eagles sold 120 million albums and won 8 Grammys. (In addition, they taught us that most East Coast rock critics were punk-rock-loving douche-bags)

In the homage to one of Glenn Frey's favorite songs, BB King's "Thrill Is Gone" on "After The Thrill Is Gone," Don Henley asks the musical question: "What do you do when your dreams come true, and they're not quite like you planned?"

All of Glenn Frey's dreams came true. Good for him.

Heaven is sounding much better these days.