Monday, January 18, 2016

There are no African Americans nominated for the 20 actor Oscar categories. In an ironic blunder, Steve Harvey was nominated for an Academy Award but it turned out to be mistake.

Former Victoria Secret model, 47-year-old Stephanie Seymore, was charged with a DUI after she put her car in reverse at a stop sign and hit the car behind her. The man she hit was not hurt, but he will forever insist he rear-ended Stephanie Seymour. 

The first public masturbation booth has opened in New York City. Actually the second one. The first one was in Yonkers. 

New Jersey is bracing for a big winter storm. In a day or so, it could be whiter in Secaucus than the Oscar nominees. 

The first public masturbation booth has opened in New York City. It is a phone booth with a curtain, and it has a chair and a laptop that you should never, ever touch. 

“Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice” does not feature Bruce Wayne’s faithful ward, Dick Grayson. Faithful ward is a Sixties term for Life Partner. 

Google’s doodle featured a drawing of Martin Luther King Jr. Although I am not sure how accurate it is, it features King speaking into six GoPros on selfie sticks. 

Saturday was 1-16-16, or Happy National Dyslexia Day. Day National Happy Dyslexia. 

Tough loss for the Packers. Those Cardinal fans were happier than Bill Cosby on a casting couch.