Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Caitlyn Jenner is writing her memoir about her transition to transgender. We don’t know all the details, but we are pretty sure it won’t be a Pop-up book. 

There was a vote to ban Donald Trump from England. Bad idea. If you ban Trump it will encourage the more radicalized Trumps to sneak in. 

This is obviously a rough time for music lovers. David Bowie passed, the Eagles’ Glenn Frey passed. Justin Bieber is still making music.   

Supermodel, Stephanie Seymore, charged with a DUI after she put her car in reverse at a Connecticut stop sign, her Land Rover hit the Mercedes behind her. It was the worst case of rich-white on rich- white crime since Justin Bieber threw eggs at his neighbor’s mansion. 

There are no people of color Academy Award nominees. Hell, they could have nominated Yoda, at least he’s green. 

The Supreme Court is going to hear the case challenging President Obama’s immigration action. Donald Trump is threatening to build a wall around the Supreme Court. 

Since you asked:

Why was Sean Penn on “60 Minutes” defending a mass-murdering drug lord, El Chapo? 

Sean Penn has to be the most brilliant, liberal, thoughtful and sensitive high school drop-out who snorts coke, drinks like a fish, totes guns and tied a woman to a chair, Madonna, and beat her mercilessly. 

There are plenty of exceptions to Hollywood idiots like Penn. There are actors and directors who are genuinely smart like - despite his “Cops are murderers” slip -  Q. Tarantino is whip-smart, Natalie Portman, Al Franken, Matt Damon, Jody Foster, Mindy Kaling, Ken Joeng is a damn doctor, for crying-out-loud. Actor James Woods IQ clocks in at 184.

But after watching his interview on "60 Minutes,"  Sean Penn is a freaking idiot. Plus he has a terminal case of a coke, smoke and whisky tan.