Saturday, December 19, 2015

A company in California called Isis Pharmaceuticals is changing their name to something less repugnant. Now it is Cosby Pharmaceuticals. 

Here’s my holiday question: if the three wise men were so wise, why did they bring three of crappiest gifts no baby could use? OK, gold is gold. But frankincense and myrrh?

“Gosh guys. Thanks for the frankincense and myrrh. Could you put those next to the baby monitor, stroller and the diaper machine? Thanks.”

Ben Affleck furious at Bill Maher's racist categorization of ISIS as terrorists.  

Since you asked:

Celebrities love to spew political opinions regardless
of how uninformed. Truth is, most of Hollywood is busy spending their time worried if the kale and arugula they bought at the Farmer’s market for their vegan dinner is locally grown and sustainable. This is right before they go upstairs to inject heroin into their eyeballs, butt-chug prescription cough medicine and have sex with the underage babysitters. (Yes, plural on underage babysitters)