Wednesday, July 08, 2015

That's the true frickus, Torn Slatterns and Nugget Ranchers

Soccer’s governing body, FIFA, spent more money on a self-promotion film than they gave the US women’s team for winning the World Cup. FIFA now stands for Felons Instigating Fraudulent Acts.

Due to Trump’s anti-Mexico statements, a famous Spanish chef, Jose Andres, is pulling his restaurant from Trump’s Washington DC hotel. Trump says he will replace it with his own Spanish restaurant called; “You’re Fuego’d.”

At the Minnesota Zoo, a grizzly bear threw a rock into a five-layer barrier hard enough to shatter the glass. On the bright side for Chicago sports fans, it was the first time a Bear completed a throw in a long time.

(Assist to Janice Hough) 

Since you asked:

Nobody was a bigger Bill Cosby fan than me. Nobody. Not only did my parents buy me all of his albums, I played them until they were worn out. Had to buy “Why is There Air?" “Wonderfulness” and "I Started Out as a Child" many times.

Not only did I play them, but I could recite the entire albums word for word, not that anyone ever wanted me to. But I could have if they did. And I watched every episode of every show he was on and every appearance on “The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.”

How a grown-ass black man from a rough Philadelphia project could cause young suburban Chicago white kids – all of my friends were devout Bill Cosby fans too – to relate so much to his stories was pure comic and storytelling genius. No gimmicks. No cursing.

As I got older, it occurred to me Bill Cosby was the first great comedian who was also a jock. He taught me – along with my old good friend, Steve Lewis, rest in peace – it was OK to be a big, tough athlete and still be funny at the same time.

My devotion for Bill Cosby endured all the way through college and after. I saw him perform at Radio City Music Hall in New York and at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles. Both times my face and stomach were sore for two days from laughing so hard. 

It wasn’t until a friend of a friend in New York in the TV business started providing us with nasty gossip of how awful Cosby’s behavior was on the set of “The Cosby Show.” Only then did I start to see the first chink in the armor, Ted. ("Something About Mary" reference) But even then it was just run-of-the-mill diva/prima-donna, egomaniac stuff.

Then came the truly not-funny Bill Cosby with the stern, pompous lectures to Eddie Murphy and Wanda Sykes and the corny morals and the hideous sweaters. Ala Chevy Chase, Lenny Bruce and Eddie Murphy, Bill Cosby was proof that nothing can rob a great comedian of his sense of humor faster than taking himself far too seriously. 

So gradually, as Cosby became crankier and more preachy, I stopped being a Bill Cosby fan. 

But a huge part me will always be a devoted and loving fan of the Bill Cosby of my youth. When I started out as a child, I truly loved Bill Cosby with all of my heart. There is no doubt I would not be a comedy writer now if it wasn't for my deep appreciation of Bill Cosby.

Having expressed my love and devotion for Bill Cosby so genuinely, here is my question:

How the f*ck is that evil motherf*cker not rotting in prison?