Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Seattle Seahawk QB, Russell Wilson said he and his girlfriend, Ciera, are abstaining from sex for religious reasons. I’ve seen a picture of Ciera and apparently Wilson worships at the Church of Holy Crap Why Aren’t You Tapping That?

Great Cooking Hack:

The problem with grilled cheese sandwiches (sanguidos) is the bread burns before the cheese is melted. Solution? 

A, pick fast melting cheeses like Muenster, Havarti and Jack or Cheddar. 

C, use a lid on the pan.

B, put the cheese in the microwave for 30 seconds to just get it starting to melt. Put the almost melting cheese on the other side of the butter or oiled bread, put the sanguido in the pan and toast the bread golden brown as fast as you want. 

Coffee Hack

Finely-ground French roast made on the strong side. I add a good squeeze of honey. And then enough milk to give it enough color to allow the pinch of cinnamon I add at the end to be a little lighter colored than the coffee.  

Or you can pay $5 for a cup of coffee at Starhumps.