Monday, July 06, 2015

How about that hat trick from Carli Lloyd in US’s 5-2 win over Japan? It was exciting from the start when, before the game, the FIFA executive threw out the first bribe.

Last time the US Women's team won the World Cup was in 1999 when Cher had a #1 single with "Believe." I believe it was also the last time Cher moved her face.

“TMZ” reports Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick have split up. Kourtney says Disick chose partying over her. So he’s not as dumb as we thought.

“Deadspin” ranked Major League Baseball fan’s grammar, and the team with the worst fan’s grammar was the New York Mets. Asked to comment, a Mets fan said; “Youse thinks my grammar stinks? Wells eff youse.”

Donald Trump tried to take credit for the US Women’s World Cup win saying you can’t spell Triumph without Trump. Then Trump said; “Wait, there aren’t any Mexicans on the team are there? Amy Rodriguez? Oh no."