Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Pope is urging priests to make less boring sermons. And he is telling nuns it wouldn’t kill them to twerk once in a while.

A Kenyan man was forced in court to face the female goat he raped before he was sentenced to ten years for bestiality. He learned the hard way that bleat means bleat.

Taco Bell is offering a taco shell made out of Fritos. Once again, thank you legal and medical marijuana.

Today was the NFL draft. Normally teams try to avoid things like sexual assault charges, multiple theft charges, public obscenity charges and illegal weapons charges, but the Tampa Bay Buccaneers picked Jameis Winston first anyway.

An Internet meme said a fun thing to do when you get an unidentified call is to whisper; “It’s done, but there is blood everywhere.” Unless the caller happens to get indicted for murder, then you’re going to prison.

A buddy of Chris Christie will testify in the Bridge-gate probe. It will be the first time Jack from Jack In the Box has testified.

A transgender woman, arrested in the Baltimore riots, is suing because she was held in a male holding cell. And this sums up everything that is wrong with our society.

It is the 18th anniversary of the release of the Meredith Brooks hit song “Bitch.” You know why Meredith Brooks did not catch on? Turns out she is a bitch.

A 91-year-old woman in the UK got engaged to her 102-year-old boyfriend. She wants to honeymoon in Paris. He wants to honeymoon while still alive.

There is a new reality show where a family has to decide if they keep $100,000 or give it to a neighbor. The show is called; “What Are You, an Idiot?”

Rochelle S. Marbury is a stone bitch.