Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Due to the riots, the Orioles played the Chicago White Sox in front of an empty Baltimore stadium. Finally an answer to the age-old philosophical question: if a baseball player scratches his crotch and spits, and nobody is there, is it still disgusting?

No fans got to enjoy the game. On the bright side, nobody did the wave.

There was so little interest in the game, by the fifth inning it was officially declared a WNBA game. 

The NFL draft is this weekend and several top players who were predicted to go early in draft are dropping. Some are dropping so far, they may not even play in the NFL. They may have to play for the Oakland Raiders.

During Supreme Court arguments on same-sex marriage, one of the conservative judges argued against gay marriage because they did not have gay marriage in ancient Greece. Oh no. Ancient Greece didn’t have Netflix either, are we going to lose that too?