Saturday, April 04, 2015

Dear Hollywood Studio Heads:

Finance me on a trip with an Airstream and a camera crew, and I will film what it’s like to travel up and down the great little California coastal towns with my adorable Golden Doodle, Wally, to Stand Up Paddle Surf and do Stand Up Comedy – as well as sitting in bar bands on harmonica. 

It will be called “Stand Up Guy.” 

Your money will result in a hilarious documentary which includes tips on Stand Up Surfing and stand up comedy, as well as a fantastic coffee table book on the best bars, restaurants and surf spots for us fit, young-at-heart, middle-age folks to go in California. 

Wally will steal the show. 

Show stealing Wally

It will also feature grilling tips and additional comedy bits, like hidden camera pranks, as well as interviews of the wild personalities I meet along the way. Think a hipper John Steinbeck's "Travels with Charlie" with a comedy writer/surfer instead of a legendary alcoholic writer. 

We don’t have much time, I want to launch by June.

Offers are now being accepted.