Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The sequel to “Divergent,” “Insurgent” is doing well at the box office. This looks good for the chances of a third movie:  “Detergent.”

A 28-year-old Virginia high school math teacher, Erica Lynn Mesa, is charged with having sex with four male students ages 16 to 18. The teacher faces 20 years in prison, the four male students face never having to buy a drink again.

Being a math teacher, Ms. Mesa claims she was just trying to teach the boys how many times 16 and 18 go into 28. 

Utah is looking into bringing back firing squads. They got the idea from watching the New York Knicks kill themselves with their shots.

Louisville Slugger bats has sold its brand to Wilson Sporting Goods. The deal is complicated, but essentially the New York Mets still won’t be able to hit with the bats.

Texas Sen., Rafael “Ted” Cruz, announced he is running for president. Cruz’s father was Cuban and Cruz was born in Canada and yet Cruz is against immigration reform. That’s like Donald Trump running on a “No Bad Hair Days” platform.

For Andres and Laurie, my buddies at "C."

Paris is cutting commuter car use in half to cut down on air pollution. Another tool in cutting down Paris air pollution? Deodorant.