Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Harvard has made it to the NCAA Tournament, but basketball experts doubt Harvard’s ability to advance unless they can improve their trash talking: “You matriarch’s inability to calculate Pi to the n-th digit is mortifying” will not cut it.

Sadly, in Florida a man was killed when the un-tied mattress he sat on in the back of a pickup truck became airborne and landed on the highway. Authorities say he died from a deadly combination of gravity and stupidity.

Since you asked:

 Watched “Harmontown” a documentary of the tour of fired “Community” creator, Ben Harmon. It was funny, interesting and surprisingly heartwarming. 

The current comedy trend has evolved from the wise-ass frat boys of Adam Sandler, Will Farrell, Vince Vaughn and Dane Cook into comedy’s long standing Woody Allen-like embracement of nerds. Patton Oswalt, Seth Rogan, Aziz Ansari and even the hip and pretty Sarah Silverman lead this stoner/intellectual/nerd change.

The most famous comedian nobody has ever heard of? Steve Agee. 

(It is my hope as a former wise-ass frat boy and aging jock to follow in the ilk of a comedy-writing Louis C.K. as a hybrid of a more wise and sensitive middle-aged big guy/alpha male)

Ben Harmon is a poster child for an angst-fueled intellectual, a-little-too old hipster writer who battles his demons and his insecurities with vodka while embracing his nerd following.

Although Harmon can be cruel and vicious, the loyalty, kindness and quality of his saint-like girlfriend, Erin, his friends and fans testifies there is a better nature buried in Harmon’s tortured genius and, sure enough, it surfaces quite sweetly from time to time.

In between blinding hangovers.

The personification of the nerd comedy nation on “Harmontown” is the lovable, giant dork gnome and “Dungeons and Dragons” expert, Spencer. Anyone who likes and supports Spencer as much as Harmon does cannot be all bad.