Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Ain’t no pork up in the pan, but you better not complain, boy, you’ll get in trouble wit’ da man, Torn Slatterns and Nugget Ranchers

According to the men’s style site, “Bombshell,” George Clooney is the most stylish male celebrity. That’s great and so is George, but did they even look at my video?

The artist who painted Bill Clinton’s portrait for the National Portrait Gallery, claims he snuck in a reference to Monica Lewinski. And not just because the portrait sucks.

Southern California Monday had rain, sleet, hail and snow. It was so scary, people went to the Lakers game just to stay dry.

UFC women’s champ, Ronda Rousey,  defeated her top rival, Cat Zingano, in 14 seconds. Even the New York Knicks can’t lose that fast.   

Due to winter weather delays, Wrigley Field will be unfinished, incomplete and generally not ready for the baseball season. Just like the Chicago Cubs. 

In a speech to Oxford, Kanye West, said discrimination by the rich against poor people, or classism, is a big problem. Then he got into his private jet and took a champagne bubble bath in his gold tub.

There were some surprising moments in Israel Prime Minister, Benyamin Netanyahu’s, speech to congress. Like the reference to Google and YouTube and how he thought Beyonce should have won best album instead of Beck.

The Narbonne girls basketball team was kicked out of the California playoffs for wearing pink letters and numbers to fight breast cancer. The official who enforced this rule, John Aquirre, could not comment due to being busy accepting the World’s Biggest Tool award.

In a speech to Oxford, Kanye West, said discrimination by the rich against poor people, or classism, is a big problem. Hearing Kanye complaining about the rich is like hearing Kristen Stewart complaining about acting.

Since you asked: 

If you have the Netflix, let me recommend "Legit" with Jim Jefferies. Imagine "Seinfeld" as an Aussie, politically-incorrect, booze-swilling, coke-snorting, pill-popping babe/tramp slamming incredible smart ass stand-up comedian, and you have a good idea. 

It is all based on the bits from Jefferies stand up specials sort of woven into episodes. DJ Qualls steals the show as the horny and paralized guy. 

Throw in a few mentally-challenged folks including a hilarious/sweet/horny/foul-mouthed midget/little person, and you end up with some real hitting-the-floor gut-laughs. 

If you're sensitive or politically correct, don't see it, but also, don't be on this blog.