Saturday, February 21, 2015

Investigators now say Bruce Jenner was distracted and following too fast in the Malibu car crash. Gosh, I wonder what a guy about to have a sex-change operation might be looking down at distractedly? Was he saying goodbye perhaps? 

A New Jersey language teacher, 35-year-old, Nicole DuFault, has been found guilty of having sex with six male high school students. My word, I couldn’t get six students to sign my yearbook.

In Florida, a naked woman on drugs stopped in an intersection and masturbated on the hood of a car. It is all part of her campaign to become the mayor of Orlando.

A 30-year-old Missouri mother was charged with having intercourse and oral sex with her son’s 12-year-old friend. She claims she was just invoking the Missouri motto of "The Show Me State."

A UN report claims the world can be saved from destruction through veganism. Yeah, I'm gonna go with world destruction.