Tuesday, February 10, 2015

This is a rough time for avid sports fans. Football is over and the Masters, baseball, the NCAA tournament and NBA and NHL playoffs are a long ways off. It is so bad, I wouldn’t mind hearing Richard Sherman yammering in a press conference.

The marriage between 80-year-old mass-murderer, Charles Manson, and his 26-year-old bride is off. Man, if those two well-adjusted kids can’t make it, what chance do we have?

The reviews of Madonna’s Grammy performance were not great. It was like when your hippy Aunt Daisy gets drunk and dances wildly at the wedding. You smile and clap, but you’re dying on the inside.

It has been a brutal winter for the Northeast. In Boston, it is so cold, people are shaking like Tom Brady after Gisele Bundchen deflates his balls.