Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Michael Moore has come out in defense of Brian Williams. To which Brian Williams said, “That’s nice, Michael, but I’m good. No thanks.”

Today is National Pizza Day. Our fat butts need a National Pizza Day like Kanye West needs an assertiveness training seminar.

In sad news, NFL Films founder, Ed Sabol has passed at 98. Not sure what the funeral arrangements are, but part me hopes he will be buried in the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field.

The funeral will be held Sunday at 12:00. And then replayed in slow motion while set to cool music.

Did you see Tony Bennett watching AC/DC at the GRAMMYs? He looked like the grandpa who had wandered off and ended up in a high school party by mistake.

This Brian Williams story has gotten out of hand. The guy embellished a story. It’s not like he insulted Beck or anything.

The great thing about National Pizza Day is there is less chance something stupid will come out of the mouth of Michael Moore.

Since you asked:

Reasons Why Brian Williams Should Get His Job Back:

He’s the best anchor on TV.

He’s a nice guy and funny. Best guest on “Fallon.”

He’s a proud father, even when his daughter does some other-worldly embarrassing stuff.

Everyone who hasn’t lied to make a story better raise your hand. I thought so.

Everyone, even rich, pretty boys, deserve a second chance.

He should get his job back if for no other reason to stick it to the people trying to screw him.

And the main reason Brian Williams should get his job back:

The guy is nothing like Kanye West.

How to handle the Brian Williams return

Have the guy read my speech from two or three posts ago. (Take out some of it)

Book him on "Fallon." Fallon is a huge fan and they love him. 

Book him on Letterman. Have him apologize again.

Give him his job back. It isn't going to do anyone any good not to have the best anchor on TV.

As a slap on the wrist, take away his Managing Editor title. 

By that time Kanye and or Kim will have done something stupid again, Bruce Jenner will find a way to get into the news and about ten more Cosby victims will come forth and nobody will care about the Iraq helicopter story.