Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Hey, Sony, I am no technology expert, but here are a couple of tools you might want to consider using to cut down on the hacking problem.

The Hollywood press veritably screamed with righteous indignation over the NSA spying on us. But the second they get their hot, little hands on leaked private e-mails from Sony execs, they printed every juicy word. That is a level of hypocrisy which has no bounds.
We need to stop being self-righteous pussies about dealing with terrorists and cyber terrorists, i.e., hackers, and step our game the eff up. We did not ask for this fight, they brought it to us. In our homes and offices. 
This Sony hacking order had to come from Kim Jong Un and when we find out it did, we need to hose his little doughy-Mo-from-"The-Three-Stooges"-midget-looking ass the eff up, and we need to hose him Kim Jong Unbelievably. 
Right now I can picture some young Sony executive losing it:
"Texting, cell phones, emails, Twitter, Facebook, it can all be hacked. There is no way to communicate without the threat of being hacked."
Then an older Sony executive slowly raises his hand and says;
"Have you thought of mailing a letter?"