Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Donald Trump announced he is strongly considering running for president in 2016. He already has a slogan: “Tired of democrats? Comb-over to Trump.”

Can’t wait to see Liam Neeson’s latest “Taken 3.” By the third kidnapping, forget your specific set of skills, Liam, time to work on your people skills.

Indianapolis Colts QB, Andrew Luck, was recorded complimenting the players who sacked him. It is the opposite of trash talking. It is composting talking.

How bad was Jay Cutler in the Chicago Bears loss to New Orleans? Even the guys at the CIA, who paid two psychologists $80 mil. for torture techniques, think Cutler’s $100 million salary is ridiculous.

Since you asked
My 180 -degree change on Jay Cutler had nothing to do with his “I don’t wanna have to do this anymore” performance on the field.
The Bears P.R. department had set up a feel good tear-jerker that would make “Brian’s Song” look like “Blazing Saddles.” Sweet blonde kid, Sam, about age ten, diagnosed with a terminal heart illness, gets a dream day at the Bears practice field thanks to the Make a Wish foundation.
They sign him to a one-day contract, he holds a press conference. He is wearing a damn Cutler jersey #6. He says Cutler is his favorite player.
There the kid and his family is, waiting for the players to walk off the practice field. The kid is clutching a little white football made for autographs. Get the hankies ready folks, here comes the great Jay Cutler, his idol.
Cutler picks up the ball, signs it, says a few words, takes a picture where he manages to force a smile and walks away.  No hair-messing. No hugs. Certainly no brief game of catch. All of which would have cost Cutler nothing but would have meant the world to this dying kid, his family and the Bears. Cutler was not mean or rude. Just civil. 

The best word to use to describe Cutler with Sam was underwhelming. A word which has been used a lot around Cutler lately.

Seeing this almost-shine-off by Cutler, the other Bears try to make up for Cutler and fall all over the kid and give him gloves, sign his jersey, goof around with him. They gave him autographed towels, jerseys, gloves. 

Word of Cutler’s cursory behavior got back to the Bears who sent someone back outside with a pair of Cutlers’s autographed cleats. And Cutler's autographed Gatorade bottle.

But it wasn’t Cutler who did it.

Nobody is saying Cutler should have gone all Bozo the Clown on Sam, that isn't in him. But a modicum of effort would have been nice. One toss so the kid could say he caught a pass from Jay Cutler.

Some might say this was Jay Cutler being himself, Jay is not a phony. 

But I know what I saw, and if that is Jay Cutler being himself, than his "himself" is a real douche.