Monday, December 08, 2014

"Really? No regrets? Not maybe one letter?"

After the 2-11 Oakland Raiders upset the San Francisco Forty Niners, 24-13, a fight broke out between the Raider and Forty Niner fans. It started over a disagreement of which team sucked and which team stunk.

Since you asked: 

California lawmakers are having a tough time on how to determine if a driver is too stoned to drive legally. It should be based on their destination. If they’re driving to work, they’re not too stoned. If they’re driving home, they’re probably not too stoned. But if they’re headed for Taco Bell? They should be arrested.

Love those lists on Facebook like “Celebrities who have been to sex addiction rehab.” You flip through and it is the expected suspects, Jesse James, David Duchovny, Russell Brand, Michael Douglass, Charlie Sheen. And then suddenly there is Taylor Swift and you are freaked out. Then you look up and the list has suddenly become, “Stars without boyfriends.”