Thursday, November 06, 2014

The drummer for AC/DC, Phil Rudd, has been charged with hiring a hit man to kill two men. Forget the “Highway to Hell” he’s on the slow road to prison bitch.

Nike has cancelled their contract with Adrian Peterson who pled no contest to whipping his son. “Sure, we exploit children as slaves in factories,” said Nike, “but whipping them is going too far.” 

From the always hilarious Janice Hough:

"A small plane with the banner "Fire John Idzik" circled the New York Jets practice field. Then the plane was presumably intercepted by another plane."

Since you asked:

Reading some Mike Ditka stories on "Deadspin" and they are better than I ever could have hoped. 

Take the cranky, egomaniac, alcoholic, pimp-roll-peeling Ditka, put him on a golf course, pour him full of Jim Beam while he plays cards in the clubhouse after, have him show up to a commercial set sunburned and in the bag, let him yell at the film crew, and then put him in a steak house where he gnaws on a giant, juicy steak while hitting on the waitresses, often effectively. 

All the while smoking a huge cigar that smells like a combination of a rotting buffalo carcass and Gary, Indiana. 

The guy is all 70's pinky rings, money clips, shoe shines, steaks and a rub and a tug. He sucks on a gold toothpick, picks his ear with his car key - and looks at it - rubs his feet during meetings and uses the word crap all the time. 

Andy Richter told a story where he was a production assistant for a company filming a Ditka commercial and Ditka left his burning cigar on the seat of a rental car and the seat caught on fire. 

Just to be a jerk.

Yes, there are stories of Ditka where he could be a nice guy. Big deal? Anyone can be a nice guy when it suits them. 

But when Ditka was hungover or drunk and tired from golfing all day, he was as awful and surly as anyone could be. 

Bottom line? Ditka is an old-school, a-dog, a-hole who put the dick in Ditka.