Monday, August 11, 2014

Want to go on record to say I think this will go really bad for Tony Stewart. Time in jail and or prison bad. When they listen to the recording of what he said to the pit during the road-rage, it will seal his fate. 

Not to brag, but here is a short list of the one-time-relatively-unknown comedic stars whose ascension to fame I predicted, some like Louis C.K., many years ago: (More than a few thanks to “The Larry Sanders Show”, “Funny or Die” “Parks and Recreation” "The League" "The League"  and “Perfect Couples.”

Louis C.K. (no brainer)
Zach Galifinakis
Chris Pratt
Patton Oswalt
Sarah Silverman

Jeremy Piven
Olivia Munn
T.J. Miller
Nick Kroll
Aziz Ansari (as Randy)
Amy Schumer

Mark Duplass
Brian Regan
Jim Gaffigan
Here others who have risen to fame, but will rise even more, ala Louis C.K. and Zach the G.:
Nick Kroll
Maria Bamford (Great example of a legend in comedy most people have not heard of)
Nicki Glaser
Jackie Monahan
David Walton

Jason Mantzoukas (Raffi from "The League")

Christine Woods ("What?! Pffssst. That is weird, psssfsfst . . .")

Grace Helbig

Gillian Vigman (Don't know how Gillian isn't already Julie Louis Dreyfus famous) 

Thomas Lennon ("You're a whore, Peter . . . ")

Katie Aselston (hot, sexy, funny, there are so few of us . . . )

And the final category that is comedy writers who are not famous but who may or may not go on to be slightly less not famous:

Alex Kaseberg

Revelations from my JFK documentary marathon this weekend

Did you know almost all experts agree the cause of the 1962 Russian stockpile of nukes in Cuba was a direct response to all the attempts by Bobby and Jack Kennedy on Castro's life? And that the famous Naval blockade of the Russian ships and Kennedy's staredown of Khrushchev was a full-blown public relations lie? It never happened. We agreed to take our nukes out of Turkey so the Russians called their ships back on their own accord. 

I'm a huge Kennedy fan, but that blockade lie to the press was right up there with the lie that got a commander of a P.T. 109 boat split in half by a Japanase supply ship, who then lied and turned it into a Japanese destroyer viciously attacking him and then made himself a hero by saving the men he caused to be injured in the first place.