Thursday, March 13, 2014

A dog from the UK, named Mugly, won the Ugliest Dog Contest; How ugly is Mugly? Mugly once scared a Vegan into an Arby’s.

President Obama recently sent the Prime Minister of Canada two cases of beer; it didn’t work, though, we still have to keep Justin Bieber.

In sad news, the vertically challenged couple of “Little People, Big World”, Amy and Matt Roloff, have split up. And you could tell they weren’t getting along. They were really short with each other.

The Cleveland Browns have released QB, Brandon Weeden. Cut by the Browns, that is the NFL equivalent of getting dumped on “The Bachelor” by that creepy Juan Pablo.

Have you seen the unbelievably bratty clips of Justin Bieber’s body guard deposition? At this point Amanda Bynes is saying; “Dude, you’re ruining your career.”

I haven’t wanted to slap someone that much since Bruce Jenner whined about being photographed while filming a reality show. 

Seriously, if I got one chance to slap Justin Bieber, I would take a "Happy Gilmore" style run-up approach and discus throw wind up and let her fly. I would knock that smug Samantha-Ronson-wannabe right into an Indigo Girls concert.