Thursday, March 13, 2014

A right wing pastor claims the movie “Frozen” will turn children gay; when asked why, the pastor said; 
“Well, just look at how they animated Kristoff. His broad shoulders, narrow waist and tight, tight delicious buns would turn anyone gay, n’est-ce pas?”

Random BS:

All you need to know about sports is that, in 1975, arguably the second greatest basketball coach alive next to John Wooden, Bob Knight, told Larry Bird to plan a life outside basketball because he was never going to make it in basketball.
When did chimps go from Tarzan’s cute Cheetah to face, eyeball, hands and penis eaters?

If life was fair, Olivia Wilde would be the woman who insists we see her naked all the time, not Lena Dunham.

When my ego gets too big, I just remind myself I once couldn't spell diarrhea close enough for spell check to recognize it.

See that skateboarder with the neck tattoo? He's going to Stanford. #WordsNeverSpoken

OK, radical feminists, who are we supposed to believe, you or the people who produce "Girls"?