Thursday, March 20, 2014

The tension over Russia claiming Crimea is high in Europe. People are saying; “Can you believe the head of a country just took over another country?” To which Germany said; “Hey, do you like Louisville in the final four?”

To celebrate their 7th birthday, Twitter is featuring famous tweets from seven years ago:

@JoeBiden, "No way this iPhone thing catches on."

@JustinBieber, "I'm only13, but when I am older I want to be just like Charlie Sheen."

@GeorgeW.Bush, "Mark my words, the Dixie Chicks' comeback is just getting warmed up."

@MileyCyrus, "Pink cut her hair short and dyed it blonde, why would a singer ruin her looks like that?" 

@DonaldTrump, "Anyone who thinks Michael Vick would be involved in dog fighting is an idiot."

@BruceJenner, "For some reason I have the Commodores song "Once, Twice, Three Times a Lady" stuck in my head."