Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Today is Media Day at the Super Bowl. Media Day is the NFL player’s second least favorite day. Their first least favorite? “Check The Strength of Our Athletic Cups Day.”
In New Zealand, a diver was bitten by a shark, killed the shark with his knife, stitched his leg wound and then went to a bar. Sadly, when he got to the bar, he ordered an Appletini. Ruined the whole thing.

Since you asked:
Saw the documentary on the legendary backup singers “20 Feet From Stardom” and it was good. Sometimes great, sometimes depressing. Here is what I learned: Phil Spector, albeit a genius, was even more of an assh*le than we could have thought. And he is in prison for shooting a woman in the head.
When Mick Jagger talks about Merry Clayton, pregnant and wearing curlers when driven to the studio to sing at 2:00 AM, how she blew the lid off the joint in “Gimme Shelter,” I had to clean my brains off the walls.
Here is all you need to know about what is wrong with the music bidness, and possibly our country in general: Darlene Love was working as a house cleaning lady scrubbing a toilet and listening to the radio when her song “Christmas” (Baby Please Come Home) came on.

Pretty sure that if I worked with a guy who suggested the Super Bowl be played in an open stadium in New Jersey in February, I would move that said employee not make another suggestion for at least a month.

Pretty sure if I worked with a guy who suggested the Olympics be awarded to a city, Sochi, in the heart of the most ardent and violent Islamic extremists outside of Afghanistan, Syria, Palestine or Yemen, that guy would no longer be employed with our firm.

You brought up Richard Sherman, so let’s talk about him.
Seem to recall the term thug being thrown at Richard Incognito more than a few times. (By the way, it is universally agreed by the Miami players Incognito did not bully Jonathan Martin. Loved what Dolphin receiver, Brian Hartline, said about the Incognito/Martin scandal in “SI”. Something to the effect that if one of his friends ratted out/exposed his phone messages or texts, he would also appear to be the biggest a-hole in the world)
Richard Sherman is not a thug. He is a poseur. He enjoys the back-and-forth of his Compton/Stanford duality of man. He likes his dreads, trash talk and pounding his chest as much as he likes to use the words whom, nor and neither. And groves. As in; “The fans would come out in groves.”
Listen, I like Richard Sherman, mainly because he is funny. Often on purpose. He is an amazing defensive back. 

Do I want Richard Sherman at my next backyard grill party? You bet. Say what you want, the man is not boring. Do I want Richard Sherman on my football team? You double bet. Do I wish Richard Sherman would eat a giant, steaming piece of Shut-The-Hell-Up pie? You can triple bet.