Saturday, January 25, 2014

Are these outfits some secret plan to scare away the terrorists? 

It is cold back East, people are shaking like Justin Bieber going to prison for throwing eggs and driving 60.
Have you seen the sweaters the US Olympic team will wear to the Opening Ceremonies of the Sochi Olympics? I don’t want to say those sweaters are ugly, but Bill Cosby is making jokes about them.
Justin Bieber was arrested in Miami for drag-racing and a DUI; drugs, booze, Brazilian hookers, strippers and drunk driving, ding, ding, ding, that is the Charlie Sheen quinfecta.
After being bailed-out for DUI and drag racing, Justin Bieber was seen partying in Miami; as a result, I have three months and one day in the “Justin Bieber admitted to hospital for dehydration and exhaustion” pool.

Ranought Thandoms

Who else has the under at three months for Justin Bieber to pull a full-blown Natalie Maines and repeatedly insult his entire fan base? Have you noticed the utter lack of support coming to Bieber from his fellow celebs? Haven’t seen anything like this since Tiger Woods drove into a fire hydrant. Is it possible Bieber is as much of a douche bag as we all think he is?
French President, Francois Hollande, cheated on his second live-in girlfriend with a young actress; this guy couldn’t be more French if he was a Paris waiter hocking a loogie into an American tourist’s glass of wine.
In an interview with Peter King, alleged Stanford grad and loquacious Seattle Seahawk corner, Richard Sherman, commenting on how to make the Pro Bowl more popular said he could get the fans to “come out in groves.” No word yet if people would also come out in orchards.
Torrey Pines is looking it’s usual gorgeous self  today. Yesterday San Diego almost issued a state of emergency because it was overcast and foggy. But the leader board, thanks to Tiger playing like crap and Phil's balky back, is uglier than the walk-of-shame the morning after a family reunion.

Cannot recommend the hip and indy-type “In a World” strong enough. The cast is like “In a World of Alex’s Favorites.” The twins of our good friend, Meecy, Ashley and Megan Fenton, did the production design. Thanks to them, all the locations and sets looked great and real. Lake Bell is also the real deal. But only if you like your women smart, funny, creative, gorgeous and down-to-earth.