Monday, January 20, 2014

No offense to the awesome Joe Walsh and Timothy B. Schmidt, this was my favorite lineup. 

A study claims comedians are more likely to have psychopathic traits; now, that is the stupidest thing I – or the six voices in my head – have ever heard.
Jim Beam is introducing their new brand of bourbon called the Devil’s Cut, where the bourbon is extracted from the wood of the barrels. Let me tell you something, if you’re sucking the whisky out of an old oak cask, you may have a drinking problem.

In response to the bridge scandal inquiry, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has retained a high-powered law firm. I believe it is the firm of McDonalds, Applebees, Baskin and Robbins. 
Heh, heh. He's fat. 

Since you asked:
Besides televised track meets in exotic sounding locals like, Santa Clara, Westwood and Walnut, and shots of USC running backs prancing up the Rose Bowl field in warm weather in January, and cereal commercials with kids skateboarding in Malibu in February, this picture had an amazing impact on my desire to move to California. 
Besides the obvious observation that Henley is poop-faced drunk, it said so much. They were my favorite Ameerican band and they hung out on yachts in Los Angeles. Yep, I had to go live there.
The hilarious irony? This picture was taken 13.4 miles south of where I lived in Winnetka in Belmont Harbor. Think where Tom Cruise lost the Porsche in the water, thus becoming Joel the U-Boat commander in "Risky Business."