Tuesday, June 11, 2013

You’re a down-cat and I dig that about you, Torn Slatterns and Nugget Ranchers

The Tony Awards were last night. What a show. How about that amazing wedding scene where the cast of “Pippen” slaughters the cast of “Kinky Boots”?

The Tony Awards were on about the same time Sunday night as NBA finals between the Heat and Spurs. Guys, if you think the Heat and Spurs is a gay S&M bar? You probably watched the Tony awards.

The opening number of the Tony Awards featured Neil Patrick Harris dancing and singing with Mike Tyson; “I’ll take something I never thought would happen” for $500, Alex Trebek.

The opening number of the Tony Awards featured Neil Patrick Harris dancing and singing with Mike Tyson; this is either what is great or horrible about this country.

Prince Harry wowed a crowd with his Apache helicopter stunts at a British air show; Harry has naked romps in Las Vegas with super models and flies helicopters. It’s all detailed in an upcoming book titled; “Why Harry’s Life is so Much Better Than Ours.”

Since you asked:
Here’s what I can tell you about the NSA whistle-blower, Edward Snowden; whistle-blowers claim to be selfless and pious, 99% of the time they turn out to be what they are: lying snitches out for themselves.

This I know firsthand from working on Wall Street with an evil and vile woman who ended up being the whistle-blower who got the hooker-using disgraced scumbag, Elliot Spitzer, elected governor of New York. (What did I say about guys with comb-overs?)

When I worked with/for her, she was famous for screwing over us brokers and her fellow traders and demanding more bonuses from her bosses. Everybody hated her. She eventually got fired for losing her firm millions and for being a constant pain-in-the-ass.

She surfaced with a lesser-known mutual fund company and snitched to then-D.A. Spitzer, on her boss for hidden fees and questionable accounting practices all mutual funds engaged in. She claims she was doing it because her sister was an investor and she couldn’t stand to see her being ripped off.

B.S. This woman was incapable of doing or thinking anything that wasn’t in her own greedy and grasping best interest. She probably demanded a bonus she didn’t get and decided to screw over her bosses. Period. 

Hasn’t Snowden already lied to his employers about not having graduated from high school? He lied about how much money he made at Booz, Allen, Hamilton.

Here’s my question: who doesn’t want the NSA looking at phone records, e-mails and online use to fight terrorists?

Folks, everything you put on Facebook and Twitter is basically public record. So don’t put anything out there you don’t want looked at, excuse my preposition. Don’t e-mail something that can get you in any kind of trouble and erase your browsing history.

It’s not hard. How do I know that? Because I can do it.