Wednesday, May 15, 2013

They got the snookus in they tuchus, Torn Slatterns and Nugget Ranchers

O.J. Simpson is in court blaming his prison sentence on his lawyer; a double murderer versus a lawyer. That’s tough. Who do you pick on that one? 

It was hot today. I was sweating like Sergio Garcia looking at a water hazard.

The Los Angeles Dodgers finally won after an eight game losing streak; This officially makes the Dodgers the highest paid losers not named Kardashian.

They are going to make the movie “Rocky” into a lavish Broadway musical. “That sounds like a great idea,” said the only gay “Rocky” fan in the world.

Since you asked:

Bill Maher is a funny and wildly successful guy. The problem? He’s a jerk. Know this from talking to a woman who wrote for him. She probably doesn’t have to work again from the sexual harassment settlement she won while working at “Politically Incorrect.”

Maher revealed that reverse racism is still racism. He made a joke that Barack Obama was only Wayne Brady black, not real black. And Brady is pissed. And he should be.

What Maher was trying to convey is that he prefers his black men more “street.” That makes Maher seem cooler. What he is also saying is that Black men should be less articulate and more confrontational.

That is racist. “What do you mean you people?”

When an announcer says a white player is articulate, he means he is well-educated and verbally adroit. When an announcer says a black player is articulate, they mean he doesn’t sound like Moses Malone, “Fo’, fo’, fo.’

Maher is as white as it gets, so Brady offered to give Maher a beat-down in public to prove his blackness. Maher ran and hid.

Now who is the pathetic racial stereotype? Maher is the quintessential cowardly white weakling sucking up to black people because he is afraid of them.