Tuesday, February 19, 2013

And it's good ol' country comfort in my bones, Torn Slatterns and Nugget Ranchers

A Florida couple admitted they were hooked on several coffee enemas a day. Not only that, but they’re not welcomed back at their local Starbucks anytime soon.

Happy 50th Birthday to Michael Jordan. You can tell Michael is getting up there. Now the only trash talking he does is when he yells; “You punks get off my lawn.”

In sad news, the Los Angeles Lakers owner, Jerry Buss, died at 80. The funeral is set for Saturday, but the way the Lakers have been shooting, they’ll probably miss that too.

The Ben Affleck movie “Argo” is available on DVD. It was really good, but I was kind of disappointed. I thought “Argo” was a documentary on pirate travel. 

Since you asked:

In honor of President's Day, her is a:

List of things Lex would ban as President: 

Designated hitter.

Marketing calls

Magazine subscription cards

Door-to-door sales people

All non-Good Humor ice cream trucks

Outside grocery store solicitations

Internet pop-up ads.

Owning a pitt bull

Owning an automatic weapon

Shopping channels/networks

Childhood beauty pageants

Incarceration for recreational marijuana use

No more than one Kardashian-related reality show at a time

P.S. It has been 384 hours since the Super Bowl and Ray Lewis still hasn't stabbed anyone.