Friday, April 13, 2012

Black dog--led zeppelin

Got these track shoes when this song was on the radio. The beginning of the song sounds exactly like a pole vault pole bouncing on an artificial track. Took it as a sign. My love of track began.

Grip it and rip it, Torn Slatterns and Nugget Ranchers

.com rated the best and worst jobs. The worst job? A tie between Donald Trump’s hairstylist and Newt Gringrich’s proctologist.

77-year-old Charles Manson was denied parole; they should let him go. At the time of his nine murders in 1968, Manson was the most despicable person alive. Now compared to Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian and John Edwards, Manson doesn’t seem so bad.

The band Guns ‘N Roses has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but the famously difficult and tardy lead singer,
Axl Rose, declined. Turns out Axl had a conflict, the same weekend he is being inducted into the Douche-bag Hall of Fame. rated the best and worst jobs. The best job? They said software engineer. Wrong. It’s the guy who paints the swimsuits on the “Sports Illustrated” swimsuit models.

Police in Lubbock, TX say they are keeping a close eye on a nude maid service; in a related story, the Lubbock police station has been named the cleanest police station in the country.

The maids make it clear they don’t do windows. They’ll do anyone else, but not windows.

Since you asked:

Kudos to my good friend and golf maven, Mark O'Snickity Snake, for turning me into a big Bubba Watson fan years ago at the nee Buick Open. Incredible athlete and genuinely nice guy.

One of the things that is telling about the
precipitous Tiger fall-from-grace is the vehement anti-Tiger sentiments from the folks inside the golf circles. Clearly Tiger was deeply and widely disliked long before he drove over a fire hydrant - and his fake image - on Thanksgiving.

Take "Sports Illustrated" golf writer, Alan
Shipnuck. This on Tiger's poor behavior at the Masters;

" . . . Woods sullied the Cathedral in the Pines by kicking a discarded nine-iron and swearing oaths audible to a National TV audience. ("God-dam!" was a particularly inspired choice on Good Friday.)"

Clearly this
Shipnuck had an axe to grind with Tiger for quite a while. And he ground it but good.

Again, golf is more fun when Tiger is playing well and for golf's sake, I hope Tiger comes back. And yet it makes it even more fun when nice guys who behave well, like
Bubba and Phil, dispatch the nasty and bratty Eldrick Tont.

(You Tiger-haters want some good poop, so to speak? Have it on
impeccable sports marketing authority that Tiger is one of the gassiest humans alive and not only doesn't hide it, but flaunts it. One of the greatest images ever is a stodgy Nike H.Q. marketing meeting, Tiger in a chair, lifting his leg up and laboriously pushing a sloppy one out in front of the luckiest-a-hole-in-the-world-and-most-pompous-snotty-douche-bags ever, and shameless Tiger ass-smoocher, Nike owner, Phil "What a tool" Knight*)

Met a classy gentlemen from
Rancho Santa Fe who was the sound engineer for all the famous LA music artists and he had nothing but wonderful things to say about Crosby, Nash and Young, (yes, like him, I left out Stills) Jackson Browne, James Taylor, et al. When I inquired about my-once-beloved Eagles, he paused, smiled and diplomatically said;

"It's probably not their fault that they never really had to grow up."

Tiger Woods never had to grow up. And it looks like he never will.

So the answer is no, Tiger, I will not pull your finger.

*Offer still stands, pompous Nike cult a-holes. For $50,000 a year, you can buy my silence.