Monday, April 09, 2012

Congrats to the youthful-looking 33-year-old Masters winner, Bubba Watson; so youthful-looking, when he donned the green jacket, five people asked him to go get their car.

She gonna buzz one out and take a nap*, Torn Slatterns and Nugget Ranchers

Congrats to Bubba Watson winning the Masters. As my comedy writing pal, Janice Hough, said so well; a lot has changed since 1997 when a black man won the Masters and a Bubba was in the White House.

Many women feel Bubba is the perfect man for three reasons: one, he’s a tall good looking guy who just won $1.4 million, two, he isn’t afraid to cry, and three, he won $1.4 million.

Tiger Woods had trouble controlling his driver at the Masters; in fact, this is the worst Tiger has driven since over two years ago when he hit a fire hydrant on Thanksgiving night.

“War Horse” is out on DVD. Now don’t get “War Horse” confused with the planned reality show that pits Paris Hilton versus Kim Kardashian. That’s “Whore Wars.”

Since you asked:

Took my Crostini’s up a level this weekend.

Crostini is a word like sustainable where I went forever without hearing it and now I hear it ten times a day.

In mortar grind up into a paste browned pine nuts, fresh basil, blast of olive oil, lemon zest, sea salt, one head of roasted garlic, a few Spanish olives, grated parmesan cheese.

Slice rustic French bread one to one and a half inches thick. Brush one side with olive oil, put on hot grill for grill marks on the brushed side. Remove and place the paste on the grill mark side included with a sprinkling of shredded parmesan, back on the grill, close the lid until cheese melts a little.

Garnish with shredded basil.

* Awesome line from the revived “Happy Ending” that came back nicely from jumping the shark.